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Largest fleet of taxi's in the capital district area. Serving the area for over 25 years. We offer 24 hour service. Airport service, Only authorized taxi at Albany international airport. Amtrak service, bus station and van service. Wheelchair-accessible taxis available. We accept all major credit cards.


If possible, stick to one taxi or shuttle company. Prior to engagement, research licensing requirements, rates, and policies regarding resolving conflicts.


Did you know that gas-powered taxicabs became common in Paris in 1899? They then spread on to London in 1903 and then to New York in 1907.


In Morocco, small taxis that transport passengers in major cities are metered according the distance they travel, whereas larger taxis are used for traveling to areas outside city limits and can be shared between travelers.


While your company might be happy to pay for a rental car during your business trip, taking a taxi can give you the extra time you need to unwind or prepare for your important meeting.


In 1914, John D. Hertz founded the Yellow Cab Company of Chicago, which provided specially designed taxicabs with four-cylinder continental vehicles supplied by Racine Body Co. of Racine, Wisconsin.


In April of 2011, an investment banker paid a New York City cab driver $5,000 to drive him and his friend to Los Angeles. They left New York on a Saturday and arrived in California on the following Thursday.


In 1899, taxi driver Jacob German became the first person in New York City to be arrested for speeding. He was traveling 12 miles per hour, and the arresting officer was riding a bicycle.


If you are flying into an unfamiliar city, check with the hotel where you are staying to find out if they have shuttle service to the airport. If not, contact the concierge to arrange for a taxi to pick you up.


Taxi services can come in a variety of forms. Some use a standard 4 or 5-person sedan, while others can pick you up in a limo, SUV or van to allow more passengers at a time.


If you've called a cab and they haven't shown up, call the taxi company before you try to call another cab. They can usually tell you how far away your taxi is, or assign you a closer taxi.


Taxi drivers find their passengers through a dispatch service, at cab stands in various locations, or by cruising business and entertainment areas looking for people who need rides.


Did you know that airport taxis operate 24 hours a day? This allows them to work with the scheduled departure and arrival times of airports so they are always ready for passengers.


Did you know that the Yellow Cab Manufacturing Company was formed in 1920 by John D. Hertz? Hertz also owned the Yellow Cab Company, which was later sold to General Motors in 1925.


When using taxis or shuttles in unfamiliar areas, be sure to keep a list of emergency numbers and who to call. Also, pay attention to the route you are travelling by watching street signs and knowing which direction is north in order to be oriented.


When in an unfamiliar country, the safest way to find a taxi is to locate a taxi stand. Most countries have laws that restrict stand usage to licensed cabs and drivers.


Did you know that, in 1931, Henry Ford built an airport bus to transport passengers from airport terminals to their planes or vice versa? This made airport transportation much more convenient for passengers.


Although some taxi cabs are now outfitted with credit card terminals, it's usually best to have cash on hand when you know you'll be traveling by taxi. This can help you avoid being stranded.


The distance covered during a taxi ride and the amount to be paid to the driver are determined by the taximeter located in the front seat of the taxi cab.


Harry N. Allen, founder of the New York Taxicab Co. in 1907, was the first person to come up with the idea of painting his cabs yellow, after learning that yellow is the most visible color from a distance.


If you will be riding in a cab that does not have a taximeter, negotiate your fare with the driver before you head out. If you are not comfortable with the amount discussed, find another cab or shuttle.


Norwegian taxi services feature some of the most luxurious vehicles in the world, with more than 40 percent of the taxis on the road being manufactured by Mercedes-Benz.


Because some cities in the US are classified as walkable cities, you may find you don't need a rental car. In inclement weather though, you may wish to call a cab to get where you're going.


In 1971, the Taxi and Limousine Commission was developed to handle the increasing number of cab drivers and to address issues important to the taxicab industry.


Have you ever noticed that the traffic in and around the airport is some of the most congested in the city? If you're not an expert at airport traffic patterns, you could miss your flight.


Tip cab drivers fifteen to twenty percent of the fare, no matter how short the ride. Also, tip fifty cents per bag if the driver loads and unloads them from the cab.


Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, the last thing you want is to miss your flight home. Using a service that travels regularly to the airport can help you avoid this problem.


Two-way radios weren't prominently used in taxicabs until the 1940s. This innovation allowed the drivers and dispatch offices to speak to each other, which in turn let them serve their customers more efficiently.


Did you know that, in the U.S., the average number of taxicab rides that occur during a span of 12 hours is 30? The average cost per fare is about $6.


Did you know that the first person to paint his taxicabs yellow was Harry N. Allen? He believed that yellow was the most appropriate color for taxis because of its high visibility.


If you're going somewhere where you don't speak the native language, it may be helpful to write down the address of where you need to go. This way there's no confusion and you arrive where you're supposed to.


Did you know that you can make taxi reservations for airport transportation before your trip? Doing so can make getting home after your plane lands much quicker and more convenient.


Briefly during the 1930s, General Motors manufactured a specialized vehicle for use by taxi services known as the General. Some cities, like New York, now mandate that taxis be regular cars.


In New York City, only cabs that are medallioned (licensed to pick up passengers hailing them on the street) are allowed to be painted yellow. Non-yellow taxis without the medallions on the front hood are known as livery cabs.


Few things make a worse impression on a potential client than arriving late to their office. Rather than fumbling with maps in an unfamiliar city, consider hiring a taxi service.


Cab drivers in London are required to undergo a three-year period of learning and testing to learn the 25,000 streets of central London, as well as important buildings and popular destinations. This process is known as The Knowledge.


When hailing a cab, the rule is generally first come, first served. If you find yourself competing with a bunch of other folks for cabs, try walking a block or two to a quieter corner to improve your chances.


Did you know that the color of the cab denotes its comfort level in India? Regular taxis are yellow and black, while newer taxis with air conditioning are painted blue.


Did you know that some types of taxis are powered by humans, animals, or even boats? These are most common in European countries and have been used for many years.


Do you usually drive to the airport because you think the cost of taking a cab is too high? It may be worth giving us a call because our rates may be less than the cost of airport parking lots.


Taxi rates are set by local municipalities and are usually posted for all to see. Expect to find a rate for the first segment of the journey, and then a rate for each fraction of a mile thereafter.


New York City currently has over 13,000 taxicabs in service. Of these, 15% are hybrids and clean diesel vehicles, the most in any city in the United States or Canada.


Did you know that in London, taxis, also known as hackneys or hackney carriages, are legally required to carry a bale of hay and sack of oats?


Did you know that Gottlieb Daimler built the world's first dedicated taxi in 1897? He referred to his invention as the Daimler Victoria, which included the newly invented taximeter.


Just because you see a cab without a passenger doesn't mean the driver is always available to you. In some cities, cabs feature a light that lets you know when they're in service.


Taxi cab drivers and airport shuttle drivers are great sources of information about the local scene. They can direct you to the best places to eat, and where you can get the best deal for your money on any number of activities.


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