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Arnow Transportation, Inc Arnow Transportation, Inc is a local limousine service company that specializes in executive limos, entertainment transportation and more.

Arnow Transportation Inc is a local Limousine transportation company that specializes in executive sedan limousine services for Press Corp, entertainment, financial, medical and legal executives in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Montgomery County Maryland and surrounding areas. If you are searching for a local Limousine transportation company that specializes in executive Limousines, transportation, entertainment services, Limousine services in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Montgomery County Maryland and surrounding areas, please call us today!

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Even if you’re planning an alcohol-free wedding reception, you may find that you’re simply too exhausted at the end of the day to drive yourself to the hotel for your wedding night. Let’s talk about how we can help you get to the airport, the hotel or home safely and comfortably.


Did you know that SUV limousines are able to accommodate anywhere from 18 to 20 passengers? Another option for large groups is a party bus, which can seat anywhere from 12 up to 32 guests.


Do you ever find that your enjoyment of evenings in the city is lessened by the stress of all the traffic you encounter getting there? Taking a limo will make your trip more memorable and enjoyable, since we’ll handle all the traffic.


Besides the obvious advantage of not having to drive in unfamiliar parts of town, having a driver is the main advantage of hiring a service. Knowledgeable drivers know where the hot spots are.


Did you know that Hollywood’s love affair with the limousine was originally not only romantic but also practical? Of course, the stars loved the image being transported in a limo gave them, but the roomy vehicles were also used to carry film crews and stage personnel around movie sets.


In 2012, limousine operators used the following technology products and services: 76.5 percent use flight tracking, 72 percent use smartphones and/or PDAs, 63.6 percent use GPS/onboard navigation, and 26.5 percent use in-car Wi-Fi.


In the early 1930s, limousines were considered the privilege of only wealthy businesspeople, politicians, and movie stars. However, limos have become much more popular for everyone in recent years


Business etiquette when riding in a limousine depends on the situation you are in. If a company has hired a car to transport you to a meeting, for instance, then you can relax and perhaps work. But if you're entertaining clients, then you can take advantage of other features, such as the onboard bar.


Why arrange for limo service? When you leave the driving to us, you can relax and follow Shakespeare’s advice: Eat, drink, and be merry! Our courteous, prompt services will make every event and evening on the town safe, fun, and worry-free.


The world’s fastest limousine is a modified Ferrari 360 Modena. It’s 20 feet long, yet only weighs 350 pounds more than the original stock automobile. It can hit a top speed of 166 mph, and it seats eight.


We understand that everyone needs a break from the stresses of being behind the wheel every once in a while. If your job requires you to drive more often than most people, consider taking the night off and letting us drive you around.


The presidential limo used by President Barack Obama has been nicknamed The Beast for its weight, wheelbase, and bunker-like level of protection. The Beast, also known as Caddy One, was manufactured by General Motors and is the most recent in a long line of Caddy limos designed for a U.S. president.


The first president to have a limousine built for him was Franklin D. Roosevelt. His Lincoln manufactured vehicle was nicknamed the "Sunshine Special," and was made to accommodate the wheelchair-bound president.


Trying to hail a cab can be almost impossible on busy city streets, especially in bad weather. Make arrangements ahead of time for a driver and limo, and we will pick you up at the door when you are ready.


The modern concept of a limousine is a luxury vehicle, often with a wheelbase that's longer than traditional vehicles, generally is black or whiter, filled with special amenities, and driven by a chauffeur.


While in the past, limousines were only really available to the rich and famous, these days, this is certainly not the case. Whether you are trying to add the perfect elegant touch to a wedding or need a reliable way to transport clients in style, limos make a great option.


Shaun Murphy, who documented his travels across 30 states using a variety of eco-friendly vehicles, once rode in a 32-foot stretch Hummer limo that was designed to run on a variety of fuels. The eco-friendly limo could also use geothermal, solar and wind energy.


One of the problems with the typical bachelor or bachelorette party is that someone will need to act as the designated driver. Instead of making someone sit out some of the activities, consider hiring a limo for the evening to keep everyone safe as you get where you need to go.


Japan has successfully manufactured an electric limousine that runs on six electric engines, with each engine producing 74 hp and 74 lbs of torque. This translates in the electric-powered limo being able to drive from 0 to 62 mph in just seven seconds.


If you’ve got vitally important clients flying into town for a business meeting, you may want to consider sending a limo to the airport for them. Even if you were planning to pick them up yourself, riding in a limo will allow you the ability to talk business and pleasantries without having to split your focus on the traffic around you.


Did you know that the top limousine in the world drives the President of the United States? This super-sweet stretch limo gives luxury and class a completely new meaning and features a fully customized interior, big-screen TV, special lighting system, and leather seats, along with all the safety features you can imagine.


The Skoda limousine is famous for its gas tank, which is the size of a motorcycle tank. It was created with technology from the Czech Republic and can only drive 30 km on a tank of gas.


Did you know that the earliest six-door limousines were primarily used as funeral cars? However, as they grew in popularity, this limo variation became popular with everyone from movie stars to the President of the United States.


Just for the fun of it, treat your special partner to a night of just the two of you, for no special reason. Make dinner reservations, and then have a limo pick both of you up. We can even “drive once around the park, slowly” if you would like.


When you have family arriving in town for a special celebration, make their getting around easy by picking them up in a limousine. Not only will they appreciate the gesture, but you do not have to worry about anyone getting lost or running behind.


Heads of state often choose an official state car that is from a domestic manufacturer to showcase their confidence in their nation's automotive industry. Automakers revel at the chance to demonstrate their technology and skill by creating a special vehicle for the official.


Limousine services employ drivers who are professional chauffeurs. They are trained to provide the highest level of service to their passengers. This means they will provide a safe, enjoyable ride for you and your guests, no matter what the occasion.


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the highest limousine measures just over 10 feet from the ground to the roof. The limo has two engines, eight monster truck tires, and an 8-wheel independent suspension system.


Renting a limousine for a special occasion is possible, even if you're on a limited budget. Tell the limo rental service your budget right up front. They'll be able to tell you which of their available vehicles fit your budget, and whether they have packages that might make a longer period more affordable.


If you're planning a limousine trip that will encompass several stops, make sure to plan it out in advance. Giving the limo driver the addresses and route ahead of time will save time and hassle on the big day.


The worst parts of vacationing in a new area are dealing with maps, bad directions and construction traffic while you drive. Hiring a car service can take those worries out of your hands.


The presidential limousines of choice in the 1980s were a pair of 1983 Cadillac Fleetwoods built by Hess & Eisenhardt. Their roofs were raised three inches, providing excellent visibility for the president. One of them appeared in the 1993 Clint Eastwood film "In The Line of Fire."


Limousine, Charter & Tour Magazine reports that the average distance of a typical chauffeured client run is 46 miles, and a limousine operator averages about 332 client runs per week.


Do you need a designated driver for your next social event? Rather than having one member of your party miss out on all the fun, consider renting a limo to safely get you to your destination and then home again.


There was a time when the president of the United States had only a single limousine. Over the years, however, that didn't prove sufficient. While the White House won't release the information, experts believe President Obama has access to as many as 12 limousines.


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